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Every summer, after returning from holiday, it is customary in my family to bring a present to mother who keeps me and spoils the dog and makes me gain weight and siblings, in-laws and grandchildren for pleasure.
Last year, for the umpteenth time we spent summer vacations in Tuscany and not wanting to repeat the usual with delight edible products (yummy for heaven’s sake!) We thought we’d bring home souvenirs of another kind.
By pure chance during a walk on the promenade of Viareggio I met the Herbarium Toscano and now after months of first purchase I love their products!
… really good and effective …
I was struck by the fragrances under test placed outside the shop and so without thinking twice I decided to go for shopping!
For my family I bought many beautiful ready to go solutions, perfect for a gift, but for me (I could not resist!) I took “Drops of Lavender.”
Delicate vermente! soothes me when I use it … Even though my husband (I hope in a good way) says that I remind him of his GRANDMA! ok, ‘…. 🙂
I love the lavender!
Drops of Lavender – Water Perfume
Very satisfied, I then made a couple of orders through the online shopping on their site to give gifts at Christmas and then for me, a few weeks ago ‘.
… and now …
To those who are interested in products from supermarket and excellent quality, I want to point out here some of those that I use daily:
I state that I want especially to the line certified “Eco Bio Cosmetics” Royal Grape, for all natural ingredients certified Eco Bio and the fruity scent that I really like.
The hand cream … Royal Grape Anti-Aging price: 12,50 EUR
Lightweight for not greasy, absorbs immediately, leaving your hands silky and delicately scented, helps prevent stains aging of the skin (I’M NOT THE SPOTS! …. 🙂 But if prevents so be it! ).
The lip balm … Royal Grape price: 7,90 €
E ‘in creamy but light, clear gel that shiny effect, moisturizes your lips, not sticky and has a delicious aroma of American grapes. It does not last very long but it is a pleasure rimmetterlo several times during the day.
Dry oil for body … Royal Grape price: 19,50 EUR
I do not love the body creams and this dry oil is right for me. It sprinkles and spreads quickly, moisturizes, non-greasy and leaves a satin effect (perfect for summer!), Has a delicious fragrance of fruit.
Not certified Eco Bio line but always made with natural products:
Dry oil after bath … Pats Olive Oil price: 13,90 EUR
Dry oil for after-bath body oil base of rice, lightweight, non-greasy, it makes the skin firm and elastic and leaves a fresh scent and delicious UNISEX … ache suitable for children …
Hand Cream … Pats Olive Oil price: 9,90 €
Of this cream because I do not like the scent too strong and persistent, but is great for my dry hands after I used detergents and did the housework. It ‘a cream longer and more nutritious than that of the line Royal Grape, but not greasy (no effect Nivea!) And returns to the hands of their natural moisture and softness.

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